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Princess Ivanka Posts Ridiculous Glam Shot Arriving in UAE at Faux Conference, Gathering Up Real Money


You just know she loves this:

The trophy daughter who increasingly believes in an American monarchy is in the UAE today for something called the “Global Women’s Forum,” a nebulous title for a nebulous task assigned to a wanna-be player, trading on her name alone.

And what a fantastic idea to have the GWF on the penninsula that suppress women’s rights more than any of the other countries on Earth!

From the UAE GulfNews:

Organised by Dubai Women Establishment (DWE), GWFD 2020 is a leading global platform that actively engages leaders and experts from around the world in constructive dialogue to discuss improved policies based on international best practices, foster goal-driven partnerships, and shape sustainable communities.

I have read a lot of paragraphs in my life, but that one might take the cake as the single most meaningless. The manure packed into that sentence is falling onto the road. So many words, so little meaning, full of nouns leading to nowhere; “constructive dialogue,” “international best practices,” “goal-driven partnerships,” and “shape sustainable communities.” It is news written by a human resources manager experienced only in writing meaningless job descriptions.

We can only take just a bit more:

An entrepreneur herself, …

You have got to be shitting me. Sorry, my apologies for the interruption.

Ivanka Trump has spearheaded a wide range of initiatives and programmes to support women-owned businesses around the world, particularly in emerging markets. She has been instrumental in launching the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, an effort to encourage women in developing nations to participate in their economies. The initiative marks its first anniversary on February 12.

Please do note that this forum on women’s issues in “developing nations” is occurring in the UAE, a nation that treats women as domesticated servents, but is also fabulously wealthy and by no means a “developing nation.” Ivanka has also pushed the same program in Davos, Switzerland.

Ivanka’s push for women in developing countries seems to have missed in appearing in …. actual developing nations!! Have we seen pictures of Ivanka landing in El Salvador to assist women in business development? How about Sudan? Has Ivanka visited Mississippi to promote her program? Lebanon? No. She goes to nations that are already wealthy, undoubtedly to suck some of that wealth out for herself.

I think I have made my point.

This is about glam shots, “faux concern,” and making money for the Trump family. Put in that context, it makes all the sense in the world that Ivanka would be landing in the UAE with a glam shot as she sets about to engage in “constructive dialogue” all to promote sustainable relationships between the Trump family and the people who can afford to buy a princess.


Peace, y’all


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