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UH OH: Trump’s Wide Glassy-Eyed Pupils Are Back — Speculation Explodes

This is not normal.

We have covered this before, reporting on an evaluation by a specialist in the field. For those joining us live in progress, Trump often appears with what can only be called grossly enlarged pupils, far wider than expected or appropriate for the lighting.

Pupil size matters.

Well, not in and of itself it doesn’t, other than looking stupid in a picture. But pupil size that intermittently goes from normal one day to grossly enlarged another can be indicative of serious medical problems, the most common of which, by a long shot, is stimulant abuse, such as cocaine, amphetamines, and other types of “speed.”

Of course, we have no proof. These pictures prove nothing. And yet the “proof” with respect to the pupils is right in front of our faces. Look at the picture as a layman and see if the “symptom” doesn’t weird you out a bit.


So what really is going on here? Obviously, without a urine analysis, we’re not going to know. But there is some entertaining speculation on the net. The responses are worth going through.

The post below is from the specialist that we followed before. We used his analysis to break down the possible causes.

Dr. Brown

They do seem enlarged, often. Dr. Brown was able to find pictures where his pupils looked normal, too.

You don’t even need to be a physician to tell that something is wrong with the man in the picture below:

It is interesting that so many people have noticed the exact same problem and nothing has come of it. Of course, the same can be said of Trump’s entire term.

One wonders if we will know someday what the cause might have been. It is entirely possible that Trump has some undisclosed medical condition, or uses of some kind of stimulant, and it’s possible that it’s nothing, unlikely, but possible.

The frustrating thing is that with this administration is that it could be something extremely serious and we will never know. He certainly acts like someone who uses something to go up and down.

The eyes are creepy.


Peace, y’all


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