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Rudy: ‘Democrats Literally Want to Kill Me’ — He Has Information That Explosive

Rudy Giuliani believes that he has evidence so hot, so game changing, that Democrats literally want to kill him to keep the information from getting out, and thus hurting the man who finished 5th in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Of course, the evidence involves Burisma, Ukraine, and Hunter Biden.

I suppose that is why Giuliani is acting like someone who is attempting to save his own life by hiding out in television news studios all over the nation, and behind podiums in half-filled rooms.

He is serious, or at least acting like he’s serious. Or he’s seriously off his meds. Whatever it is, it is serious:

“We are going to reveal the whole thing,” Giuliani promised Fox Business Network host Trish Reagan about evidence of unsubstantiated Democratic corruption in Ukraine he’s long been promising. “It’s not just Biden – it’s a bunch of Democrats. That’s why they are so crazy on the subject of Ukraine and why they want to kill me — literally kill me.”

I don’t recall being so crazy on the subject of Ukraine, do you? I do recall being crazy about the fact that Trump wouldn’t allow anyone testify. But, crazy about Ukraine and Rudy’s theories about Ukraine? Nope.

I am curious about how all the oligarchs come together, Russian and Ukrainian, to provide instructions to Trump. But that’s about as far as my interest goes.

Giuliani, along with many of Trump’s allies, has routinely accused Joe and Hunter Biden of engaging in corruption in Ukraine to excuse Trump’s strong-arming the Ukrainian government into fabricating politically-motivated investigations into them. The conspiracy theory has been roundly debunked, and the unshakeable proof Giuliani has teased never materialized.

That is the thing about Rudy, his promises rarely do materialize. That isn’t the point, though. With respect to Rudy, the accusations matter more than what could ever be proven. They just want the sound out there, and Qanon can pick it up from there.

Here’s Rudy to explain it all to you:


Peace, y’all


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