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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Bloomberg’s Language Is ‘Atrocious’ and Will Cause Problems With Women

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had some very tough words for the “offensive and atrocious” language that has come from a certain rich person from New York who has problems with women and African Americans.

And no, it wasn’t her former boss, Donald Trump. It was Mike Bloomberg, who is doing a delightful job of getting under Trump’s skin.

Sanders joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday night to react to Senator Bernie Sanders’ victory in the New Hampshire 2020 Democratic primary.

As she proclaimed President Donald Trump to be the true winner of the evening, Sanders went on an aside in order to bash Bloomberg over his unearthed stop and frisk comments.

“If he continues to rise, he’s gonna have serious problems with women, with African-Americans. His record, his language is offensive and atrocious. Then again, maybe he can buy at the DNC just like Hillary did and steal it from Bernie like they did in 2016.”

This was said with no acknowledgement of any past controversies with women and African Americans that might involve Sanders’ former boss.

After all, Trump has never said anything offensive to women like insulting their physical appearances, calling them names, and bragging about being famous enough sexually grab women without their permission. Trump has also certainly not done anything to upset African Americans, like demand the executions of the Central Park Five, call African countries “sh*tholes,” make numerous racist comments in front of his former personal lawyer, or try to delegitimize the first African American U.S. president.


Twitter had a field day:


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