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Sweaty and Slurring Trump Calls for the Impeachment of Obama for ‘Lying 28 Times!’

Donald Trump went on a tear against the Democratic field at his South Carolina rally tonight, literally polling his audience on which of them would be easiest to beat in November, and then he called for the impeachment of former Democratic President Barack Obama. Trump is in his usual form tonight, often messing up the pronunciation of words, and sweating terribly.

He messed around a bit prior to taking the informal poll, musing about whether it would be legal for him to encourage his supporters to vote for the winner in the primary tomorrow.

The poll didn’t include most of the candidates, like Tom Steyer (“because he’s a loser”), “Mini Mike” Bloomberg, and Elizabeth Warren — so basically Trump asked the audience whether it would be easier for him to beat “Crazy Bernie” or “Sleepy Joe.”

Trump polled the audience and heard more cheering for Sanders as the better opponent.

Trump then went on a tirade against Obamacare, and called for the impeachment of Obama for “lying 28 times” about keeping your doctor.

As of December 2019, Trump has lied more than 15,000 times while in office.

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Trump then claimed he will get a “historic” black vote in 2020.

In a state where the African American vote is paramount, Trump told South Carolina Republicans that he will get a larger share of minority votes nationally this November.

“We’re going to compete for every vote in 2020 and we expect to win a historic share of the black vote,” Trump said, citing his record on issues ranging from jobs to criminal justice reform.

Trump doesn’t have that high a bar to clear: Hillary Clinton defeated him among African-Americans by 89% to 8%, according to exit polls four years ago.

But clearing 8% could still be a challenge for Trump.

The Democratic candidates campaigning in South Carolina – where the Democratic primary vote on Saturday is expected to be 60% black – have argued that too many of Trump’s policies are hurtful to African-Americans.

Trump also claimed he would end AIDS, and while I would love nothing more, these are just words. Trump isn’t doing anything to make this happen.


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