Trouble in Paradise: Analyst Says Barr May Be Gone Soon — Trump Screwed Up Big Time

Donald Trump is an evil man, driven by pure self-interest. But he is not even slightly self-aware, nor educated, or willing to listen. Thus he is of limited ability to even get what he wants.

Bill Barr is an evil man, driven purely by ideology and an arrogance that leads him to “know” that he is right about what’s best for everyone. He is extremely self-aware, he is extremely well-educated, and very willing to listen – because he can further his agenda by “listening” to what others think.

It could not matter less as to which man is more evil. Trump is more powerful, and Barr has made Trump much more powerful by being “too good” at being A.G.. It is questionable as to whether Trump would have survived impeachment without Barr.

Now, it looks like the two may have now become incompatible, despite how badly the two need each other.

Barr may well be on his way out the door, because in the ultimate power struggle, he cannot fire Trump and still survive. He can fire himself and spare himself some of the impending damage.

Former DOJ prosecutor Eli Honig thinks the two are headed to divorce court. (Video Below).

“It’s interesting, Christi, the relationship between Trump and Barr seems to be on the rocks,” Honig explained. “We saw Bill Barr step up and show some spine when he said to ABC News, the president is making my job impossible.”

“The president is making my job impossible” is as close as Barr can come to saying, “STFU you dumb son of a … , you are killing us both!” But Barr had to say it, because you cannot be an “attorney general” if you have no “attorney-nco’s” and Barr was faced with a department insurrection. It is absolutely true that Barr cannot continue on with his department so furious with him.

We lawyers do get a ton of grief, well-earned grief. But we are also the ones with the most education and training as to what can happen when the law is manipulated or ignored. It is not a coincidence that DOJ is the department that is closest to a walk-out.

Back to Trump and Barr. Barr told Trump to shut-up. What happened?

“What happened after that in the days after that, the president keeps quoting cases,” he continued. “So the president basically openly defied Bill Barr. What will Bill Barr do now? He threw down the gauntlet that he [Trump] laughed about. He’s going about his business and keeping his head down and I think that’s what is part of what leaves him unfit to lead the DOJ.”

What happens now is that Barr realizes that he has exactly NO power at all, not really. He flat told Trump to cool it on one MINOR thing – tweeting about cases. But Trump cannot be told anything, at all. Trump probably kept tweeting  just to show Barr he cannot be controlled.

Barr likely sees now that he can’t fully implement what he wants to do through Trump, Trump can’t cooperate at all. It is also just as true that Barr still cannot do his job, or lead his department with Trump causing insurrections, and forcing Barr to be his man servant.

It means that Barr is likely a short-timer now, finishing up a few projects important to Barr. But he won’t keep going like this. It is not worth it. Trump has made it impossible for Barr to move his priorities. Barr is going to throw himself overboard, and Trump will appoint an “acting” A.G. stooge to fill out the rest of this term. I could be wrong, but …

The positive takeaway in that equation is that the stooge will likely be nowhere near as effective as Barr at blocking the “shit.” Trump has never cared about who is “effective,” only loyal. Trump won’t think about it deeply enough to realize that this is one position he NEEDS an effective person. Without someone effective, loyalty doesn’t matter.

I cannot think of two who deserve a painful divorce more.

Peace, y’all


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Jason Miciak is an attorney, author, political analyst and writer originally from Canada, with dual citizenship, living with his wife and daughter in southern Mississippi. He has an B.S. in Biology and a Minor in American History from Gonzaga University and a J.D. from the University of California. He does as little law as he can get away with while now doing full time writing for Political Flare. He also enjoys gardening, fishing, casual reading in science and dogs.


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