Trump Sparks New Health Concerns After He’s Seen Struggling to Speak Clearly at Vegas Rally

Donald Trump just wrapped up a four-day visit to the West Coast where he held three MAGA rallies on three consecutive days and well…it appears it was just too much for the commander-in-chief.

Each rally was basically the same stuff.

Trump railed against Democrats, “Mini” Mike Bloomberg, even complained about a dog getting more adulation that him.

These rallies are all the same now. Same lies, same propaganda.

But on Friday people noticed just how BAD Trump looked.

Trump has been slurring his words for years now. He often seems out of it.

Washington Monthly’s Lee Siegel put it perfectly:

“We don’t need to be told by a doctor that the guy who is coughing and sneezing at the other end of the train car is probably sick, though we don’t know if it is a cold, the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, or an allergy. All we know is that the safe thing to do is to stay away from him. When someone is compulsively lying, continuously contradicting himself, imploring the approval of people even as he is attacking them, exalting people one day and abusing and vilifying them the next, then the question of his mental state is moot. The safe thing to do is not just to stay away from him, but to keep him away from situations where he can do harm.”

Trump is not well. Period.

Take a look at this:

That is simply not normal. Look back at videos of Trump speaking in the 90’s and 2000’s, and you will see he has completely changed.

And Twitter seems to agree:

Now, take a look at this video and tell me we shouldn’t be worrying. Why isn’t the mainstream press covering this??

We get emails all the time from people concerned about the president’s health, and while we are not doctors, you can clearly see he is not well. If Trump were a pilot, would you get on a plane with him?


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