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Psychologist Says Trump’s Rant About Weinstein Symptomatic of Dementia — ‘Untreatable and Incurable’

Alright, everyone knows there is an oil tanker full of posts from Twitter, Facebook, wherever, speculating about Trump’s psychological and psychiatric health. Speculation is all … whatever it’s worth. When it gets to the point that professionals, the psychiatrists, psychologists and neurologists that treat these things start weighing in with their own names – not anonymously – then the observation is more than speculation.

It is something that now needs to be looked at with real seriousness. Short summary from Rawstory:

John Talmadge, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, believes that President Donald Trump’s lengthy, disjointed rant about convicted rapist and former film mogul Harvey Weinstein was a sign of dementia.

Go on:

After posting a video of Trump talking about Weinstein, in which the president went off on tangents about his 2016 election win and Weinstein’s donations to prominent Democrats, Talmadge argued that this was yet another sign of the president’s deteriorating mental condition.

Or just a moron? I mean, a guy can just be a con-artist carnival barker dumbass, and that doesn’t necessarily mean …

“This was not Trump giving an answer to a question; this was a symptom,” he said. “The condition is untreatable and incurable. Alzheimer’s dementia destroy (sic) the life of Fred Trump, and dementia tends to run in families.”

Okay, I can see that, he wasn’t even answering a specific question on Me, To, just veering into completely ridiculous areas that ruminate in the gutter of his mind and leap out at inappropriate times? Yes, that does seem far more symptomatic of something.

Yet, disclaimer as always, I think it is far more responsible as readers and citizens to remember that there is a reason why no diagnosis is actually solid without an entire review by a physician. There are medications that can interfere with cognitive ability that he may be taking, with or without his physicians knowing. Or it’s possible that he’s just not at all sleeping or comfortable talking about situations … it’s most likely he is slipping into dementia. Yes.

We have covered all the troubling symptoms here, lots. It is troubling that – as we wrote the other day – only international media really covers it. Our media tends to ignore it, god only knows why, since it does seem “of interest” to us.

It is one thing to have him in India during normal times, spouting shit out his ass because his brain is degrading to the point he simply can’t think straight. It is quite another to have it happen when there is an international crisis, China and Taiwan have planes that are overflying each others’ borders, or the Russians block a major straight bc they are angry about whatever. All of a sudden, Trump’s inability to keep things straight becomes an even bigger deal, because then he can “act” in ways that make no sense at all.

So many terrifying things about this man, so little time.


Peace, y’all


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