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IT’S WAR: Trump Wants Barr to Arrest American Icons — Barr Furious About Trump’s Tweets and Demands

We have heard the friction. Trump intervened with Roger Stone, leading to Barr demanding his DOJ prosecutors reducing their sentencing recommendation. Barr says he made the determination prior to the tweet, Barr is lying.

Regardless, Barr faced a true insurrection within the DOJ, with four prosecutors resigning, and rumor of a general DOJ “walk-out” protest was in the works. It never materialized but the threat served a purpose.

The real friction springs from the fact that new post-acquittal Trump wants some damn hides nailed into the wall. Trump wants Comey’s ass charged and in prison, among others. Barr simply won’t do it, because Barr damn well knows better. From Rawstory, reposted:

According to the Washington Post, Trump has been raging for weeks, demanding that Barr lock up his mortal enemies, including James Comey and McCabe in particular. The New York Times has reported that Barr’s hand-picked special counsel, John Durham, is looking to charge members of the intelligence community in his investigation of the origins of the Russia probe, and that those might include former CIA director John Brennan.

This is dangerous fcking stuff and Barr knows it. Trump wants the above icons, giants, charged and jailed because they had the temerity to investigate the Russians that were swarming Trump’s campaign. This is what wild and vicious dictators do, they go after the people the “enemy,” and in this case the “enemy” are people that are following the law. Barr won’t go there, because now Trump is further “out there” than even Barr is willing to go.

Normal presidents want the Russians who tried to infiltrate the campaign arrested and investigated. Trump wants the cops who tried to investigate the Russians arrested and punished.

It is also making Barr extremely nervous for his own sake. If he goes after Comey and Brennan, Barr knows that his head will be on a chopping block if he is successful but a Democrat wins in November. Barr also knows that saying “no” to Trump will put him in the same position as Comey and Brennan.

Barr also has to be careful that he doesn’t lose the faith of his entire department which expects some independence from the White House. The Justice Department needs some autonomy from politics in order to do their job. They cannot be seen as nothing but political animals, and yet under Barr, that is exactly what they perceive themselves to be.

Meanwhile, Trump is tweeting that he has every right to reach down and control the DOJ – 240 years of history says “no, he cannot,” no matter what the constitution says about the executives branche.

It is near impossible to relay just how dangerous the situation has become in less than a week. Trump is rampaging and unhinged. He is acting like a madman, psychotic, and expecting people to jump when he issues his command.

Need proof that war is coming between Trump and Barr? How about a word from Lou Dobbs, the loyal Trump attack dog:

This doesn’t happen by accident.

Barr may have publicly complained about the tweets, and hoped that the America people assumed it had to do with Stone sentencing.

Barr doesn’t care what happens to Roger Stone. He cares deeply about being told to investigate and arrest Comey, McCabe and Brennan. If Barr were to do so, he would be burying American democracy as a point man. He would also set up his own burial, because at some point it will be Barr in that grave.

Trump is committed to using Russia and possibly China to help him win again in November. He needs everyone in the CIA and FBI to know that they are to ignore anything they see, they are not to investigate whatever might come up, lest they suffer the fate of Comey and Brennan. Barr knows it. Barr is also the one who is supposed to police the laws if Trump starts to break them, putting Barr in a position where he will be a co-conspirator.

The friction between Barr and Trump is real and portends problems on a level even we had underestimated.

Watch this dynamic very closely. Something critical is happening, we’re seeing only 10% of the real issue.


Peace, y’all


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