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Watch Pressured Trump LOSE His Sh*t In Oval Office: ‘Disgrace!’ — Wants Comey, Mueller, Page Arrested

President Trump would like you to know that you owe his pal Roger Stone an apology for what you – dear reader – have done to Roger. What has happened to this unrepentant criminal – “is a disgrace” and it sounds like we might have to pay, at least according to the orange man in the White House. Trump will defend criminality among his friends until he draws his last breath. But he knows who really committed crimes.

Indeed, Trump also wants “the prosecution” to apologize to Roger Stone, apparently unaware that “the prosecution” lies within his “Article II” and thus is sort of tied closer to him than, well – Roger Stone. Technically, Trump is the head of the branch.

Asked if Trump had plans to pardon Roger Stone, Trump replied by saying: “I don’t know yet,” which is Trumpese for “Bet your ass I will pardon him, just as soon as it will hurt me less. He is my friend and knows a lot of secrets about me. Besides, it will trigger so many libtards. How could I resist?”

We even have the video for your enjoyment, or tears:

Trump also found time to blame the Mueller and his prosecutors, which he called a scam, despite the fact he used that investigation to say he was “cleared.” Trump said the investigation was based upon false documents, and that it destroyed lives.

Most dangerously, by far, Trump complained that nothing happened to the attorneys and investigators in the Mueller investigation. Yet again, he is talking about the same people he claimed clear him. But it sounds like he has “plans” for Mueller and Comey to “go through some things.”

“Where’s Mueller, where’s Comey, what’s happening to McCabe and Lisa Page, it was a disgrace for our country, and everyone knows it, including ABC News.”

He still talked about FISA warrants saying they were “Fixed” and “nothing happens.” This despite the fact that his own DOJ investigated the process and found no conspiracy against him, only some errors and omissions. Yet Trump is acting as though a conspiracy had been established.

Then Trump compared all of it to Roger Stone, saying “no one even knows what Roger Stone did,” which is not at all true, indeed had he called the prosecutors in charge of the case, they could easily have explained to him what “Roger Stone did.” The only trouble is that Trump doesn’t perceive lying to Congress, obstructing justice and witness tampering as “crimes.”

Trump has lost it, and it is not even the least bit funny because I believe he is going after Mueller, Comey and McCabe with criminal charges. This is getting really scary. We are beyond the “Heads on Pikes” stage and shifting straight into dictator unleashed with raw anger stage.

This is terrible for our nation. Presidents never comment on criminal investigations, until Trump. Now we have one that controls investigations, at least of his friends, and starts ones involving his enemies.


Peace, y’all


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