Trump Official Says Pictures of RNs and MDs in Garbage Bags Is ‘Exception that Proves the Rule’

Does this person – Peter Navarro, an assistant economic adviser within the administration – even understand the English language or the use of cliches? More importantly, does he even understand how shit is supposed to work, like, anywhere? This is just breathtaking, and how very typical that the administration gets very angry when the media reports on what’s really happening, instead of the stuff happening in Trump’s head.

Sensationalize – aka – talk about the real bad crisis when it gets sensationally bad.

As they say down south when incredulous: “Do what, now?”

“Pete,” let me tell you what causes anxiety and panicked behavior. You haven’t see panicked and anxious behavior until you start to ask news organizations to report only good news and insist that the truth be kept from the people. The moment that people believe there is stuff going on in the background, stuff worse than what they’re hearing, only then will you see “real” panic – and some of it might well be justified.

But when people establish some trust that the news is something they can believe and feel assured that they will be told the truth as it changes, to evaluate themselves, that eases some concerns. It lets people know that when alarm bells really ring, where action may be needed right away, they’ll hear it and can act on it.

Second, and this is rather insignificant compared to your second stupid comment, Pete, the pictures of doctors and nurses in trash bags is not some exception that “proves the rule.” It just proves that some people are ruled utterly fkt, one of which might well be my dad – my hero – who is working right now in an intensive care unit trying to stamp out disease. Exceptions that prove the rule are things like hyping out one stupid statement among many many brilliant ones. Fortunately, we need not worry about instances of this happening within this administration.

The fact that any in our medical community are using garbage bags IS the rule, dumbass. There are not enough supplies to go around, or – at the very least, they’re in the wrong places until someone figures it out. Apparently, it isn’t going to be you.

Jesus, these people.


Peace, y’all


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