And Now It Begins: Trump Signals He’s Ordering People Back to Work, Health Officials Say It May Be the Worst Week

We knew it. No wonder Dr. Fauci is MIA, and Trump is “furious” with the leading expert.

Trump signaled it at midnight last night, the man who has never once been able to satiate his desires and-or delay gratification has decided that a little after one week of quarantining and stay at home orders is plenty. This, of course, is happening while the pace of cases are rising and the number of deaths rising:

We knew it.

He saw the markets drop again yesterday and that was plenty, people are going back, and screw the seniors that he talks about caring for so lovingly – he’s putting them in danger.

Wait till people really start contracting the disease and ICUs are overflowing.

I understand worrying about the economy. But we are only 8-9 days in (depending which day one counts) of 15 days, and he cannot even wait that long. We have long known that it might take 15 days, and only then – with the data – would there be an evaluation, and then another in maybe 30, but the man who has never known delayed gratification or saving is done with this, everyone back to work at the end of 15 days, rising pace of cases be damned.

Notice he just tells us “our people want to work”? He doesn’t address the people who might be damned scared of working, nope.

I get it, this is a tough call. But we don’t even have the testing ramped up sufficiently yet! We don’t know the extent of the virus or its lethality in the United States. Would it not be extremely useful to have testing everywhere before everyone goes back to work?

And addressing this issue wouldn’t be complete without an installment of our ongoing series now;  It’s always the conservatives: 

There we go. The ones always putting money first, or belief in prayer over science.

Trump may be right (in the end) that the economy overrode the actual lethality and spread of the disease. But he doesn’t know. He is on the edge of firing the leading expert and has been listening to Jared. Trump is just throwing dice now because he believes he must do something to stop the falling stock market. But perhaps he’ll come up craps, and many more die, while the economy suffers anyway, even with people out and around.


Peace. y’all


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