Ann Coulter Acting Stupid Again: Said Flu Is More Deadly than Coronavirus Because She’s Very Bad at Math

Poor Ann.

She tries so hard to be one of the blonde intellectuals on the Fox New Right-wing media empire, and she just doesn’t have the chops, just the mouth.

Today Ann shared a graph she had read from Business Insider which she believes proved that the Coronavirus is not as deadly as the flu, at least in most cases. The conservatives are highly invested in proving that coronavirus isn’t as deadly as the flu because we’ve never shut down an entire economy for the flu, though we would have in 1918 had we had the communication and science, and we would if a flu this deadly and contagious broke out.

The problem is that Ann isn’t all that bright, and she read the graph wrong.

“For people under 60, coronavirus is LESS dangerous than the seasonal flu,” 


Let us pretend for a moment – just pretend – that Ann was right. If the Coronavirus was marginally less deadly for people under 60, but much more deadly for people over 60, is Ann saying that’s a deal she will live with – just not the people who died? I think that’s what she is implying.

But that’s not what it says anyway, and the internet seemed very pleased to allow Ann to have some of it:

No. There is no master race, and of course, if there was one, whites would be ruled out, Ann as exhibit A, B, C, … Laura Ingraham D,E,F, Kallyanne …

Well, that’s not a fair thing because I do my daughter’s homework with her and some of the math story problems can be challenging at least for writers.

I think we’ll close out with my favorite because it combines the fact that wingers need to think of us libtards as stupid and because it gets at the fact that so many of the wingers are rooted in conspiracy theory anyway. (Which reminds me, they better have JFK Jr. quarantined, they don’t want the poor man to die twice in his comeback).

Stupid, Ann.


Peace, y’all,


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