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At Today’s Presser: Trump Straight-Up Says He’s Not Ruling Out Taking Bailout Money for His Private Hotels

He is going to make money on this. He’s not just getting reimbursed, or a grant to continue to exist, he’s going to make money on this.

If we know one thing about Donald Trump, it is that if money is available to be had by manipulating something, using some connections, conning, anything but working straight and honestly building something valuable, he’ll find a way to grab it. In other words, Trump will get anything he doesn’t have to earn.

He’s grabbing this money. We know it because there is exactly no chance that he will not take everything he can.

To any American outside the worship-cult, it is obvious that Trump has used the presidency to grab all the money he possibly could grab. It is so obvious that at today’s press conference, he got asked about whether he would somehow accept money from the funds to bail out the country in this economic catastrophe. Most presidents would not be asked. No one would care. But yeah, the guy held very much responsible for this catastrophe has no problem saying he wasn’t going to rule it out.

“I don’t know. I just don’t know what the government assistance would be for what I have,” said Trump. “I have hotels. Everybody knew I had hotels when I got elected. They knew I was a successful person when I got elected, so it’s one of those things.”

“I guess I get paid $450,000 a year, I give it up. I put it back into the nation, I usually–I have to, by the way you have to designate where you want it, so I oftentimes give it to opioid, you know, research and things,” Trump said, as the reporter jumped in to say he was referring to the businesses and not to Trump personally.

“But as far as the hotels and everything, I mean I have to do what everyone else is doing,” Trump said

He is so generous with the pennies his salary constitutes – an amount less than what he earns by having the Secret Service staying at his resorts – he’s easily entitled to some payback.

Which means he’s going to go at every damned dollar available. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Oh, and “by available,” we mean honestly in the open, and behind closed doors, that’ll never show up in taxes, he will work to get every penny he can. He will not let laws restrict the amount. He never has.


Peace, y’all


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