Before Most Awoke, Trump Tweets to His Biggest Fans in Red State America — and Even They Aren’t Buying It

We can feel that Trump knows he’s full of shit. The “Easter” line is the new, “We will be down to five, then two, then hopefully zero by …” and “I have a hunch it will be lower than …” The American public knows it and isn’t fooled.

Yesterday we read that 60% of Americans approved of the way Trump has handled the crisis. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the approval number came out on the same day that many Americans heard they’ll be getting $3500 for being an American family soon. But I don’t think any of them think that the actual response, the test kits, the “Easter Sunday” is believable, or approvable, none of it.

Two days ago, I made my one run to the pharmacy and store for the next week to ten days (we have an elderly grandmother in our house. She is already wheelchair-bound). I saw a small town deep in the south that is acting like nothing is happening. However, I did hear over sports talk radio about the presumption that the college football season is likely canceled.

Do you think people are buying “Easter” when there is an acceptance in the deep rural south that there will be no college football this fall? Yes, it takes a bunch of cognitive dissonances to be a Trump voter, but they don’t have that much – not when it comes to things that count. Even I love college football, and it is a massive money-maker for the schools and communities here. Football drives the money for every other sport except men’s basketball. It will be a financial hit like no other for the schools, not even talking about what it will do to the academics of each student (though college students can do a ton of distance learning).

So it’s no wonder that Trump would begin his day, like he does so many others, like this. If you’re taking college football away …:

I am not sure why Trump is retweeting Dobbs, Trump says the same thing 3-5x a press conference, and in his tweets.

He needs to keep saying it because the number of dead hasn’t reached 1000 yet – though it is getting closer. The U.S. is on quite the curve, and the disease hasn’t really hit hard in the rural south yet. Like everything else, we’ll be the last. Based on what I have seen, it will be vicious.

His voters live down here. How do you think they’re going to feel about things this fall after they were hearing about “Easter”? When Trump was promising a resurrection?

You are going to hear “saved thousands of lives” for a long time, right up until you start hearing that he saved tens of thousands. He will always be ahead of the number of dead.

Trump doesn’t know it, because he never thinks about sacrifice. He is talking about “resurrections,” but one can’t have a resurrection without carrying a cross through a town, up a hill, then dying on it. I say this without a hint of condescension, that most of the south knows that there’ll be no resurrection this Easter. They know that it won’t be until fall when they carry that cross through empty stadiums. They just hope they don’t die on it. Because the economy will someday be resurrected, but many fans will not.


Peace, y’all


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