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Breaking FBI Documents: Hannity Passed Messages for Trump To Mueller Suspects, Including Manafort

Whoa, I doubt this will be discussed on Hanity tonight! From BuzzFeed’s FOIA into the Mueller investigation:

But hundreds of pages of documents released to BuzzFeed News reveal the depths of the conservative firebrand’s relationship with key members of President Donald Trump’s orbit as they faced a vast criminal investigation conducted by Mueller’s team over two years. The documents, turned over by the Justice Department and FBI in response to a BuzzFeed News Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, also raise ethical questions about Hannity’s role as a trusted adviser to the president’s circle at the height of Mueller’s inquiry — something the television host failed to disclose to his millions of viewers.

Let me set some people at ease here.

One, no one at Fox gives a shit about ethical questions or partnering with Trump.

Two, none of Hanity’s viewers have ever for a second not believed that he was an essential advisor to Trump.

This, however, flirts very close with illegality:

Hannity is mentioned more than a dozen times and emerges as a central point of contact between the president’s allies who were under investigation and Trump himself.

If you recall, Mueller appeared to desperately wanted to charge Trump with Obstruction of Justice. If Trump was “obstructing justice” in a way that was “obvious,” and if Hannity was participating in that obstruction – such as passing information on to witnesses or defendants about possible plea bargains, and other critical information meant to go-around Mueller, then Hannity could be charged with conspiracy to Obstruct Justice, or with his own crimes in aiding and abetting.

Like I said, “flirting,” since people are not generally charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice.

But they can be charged on their own with obstruction of justice, or fraud – as in passing along offers …

“Manafort knew Hannity was speaking to Trump around then because Hannity would tell Manafort to hang in there, that he had been talking to Trump, that Trump had his back, and things like that,” reads a summary of an October 2018 interview with Manafort. “Manafort understood his conversations with Hannity to be a message from Trump.”

For those of you that don’t speak criminal, that is translated: “Keep your damn mouth shut, don’t say a thing bad about Trump, and this will all work itself out with the only thing Trump can control in all this, a pardon.”

You will note that Manafort still sits in jail, which is a lesson to people who have trusted Trump at any point in their lives.

Speaking of people that trust Trump, one would think that Hannity would be a little embarrassed having all this come out. One would think. Fox News is likely an itsy-bitsy bit embarrassed, and will probably strongly reprimand Hannity by penalizing him $1 Million dollars this year, and thus Hannity will have to get by on $29 Million (I am guess, I don’t know his annual contract).

But Hannity is stupid to trust Trump in acting as Trump’s caddie. He does have a career that actually wouldn’t survive a criminal charge. No wonder he hated Mueller so much. Mueller’s investigation might have started hitting a little too close to home.

Hannity knew that Mueller was investigating possible conspiracy between the campaign and Russia. We all know that Putin loves to have the media in his back-pocket. Just something to consider, no facts on that either.

Terrible people.


Peace, y’all


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