Dinesh D’Souza and Laura Ingraham Laugh that Covid-19 Is Hitting Blue States and They Need Help

Honestly, there are some on Fox News that think it is uproariously funny that people (like us) demand that Trump stop lying, and get around to releasing lifesaving equipment like … oh, ventilators, and those masks that seem to be so important. Yep, it’s true, brought to you by no other authority than some of the best around at Crooks and Liars.

One of the most awful women on Earth, one we’ve covered often here lately, Laura Ingraham had a scream lately, no – literally, she had a “scream” as she referenced the left’s calls for Trump to stop saying this was “like the flu,” and stop talking about miracle drugs that haven’t been proven, and that the networks need to stop televising his press conferences: “I was screaming laughing watching this…” said Ingraham.

Ha, what a card.

And Double D Dinesh was there to enjoy the conviviality (keep in mind, we are talking about a global pandemic sure to kill hundreds of thousands around the globe if we’re lucky.)

Dinesh D’Felon (Pardoned by Trump!) not only shared in the giggles, but went further to spread another lie: that the disease is spreading in blue states faster than in red states.

And also remember that a few weeks ago, Jennifer Rubin, the Never Trumper, and others were all putting out the idea that there was so much misinformation being put out by the president, and by Fox News, that we would see spreads of the coronavirus in the red states — Republicans would die. But in fact, interestingly, these spreads are mainly in the blue states.

And what I find kind of interesting is you have these blue state governors and mayors, and they are trying — they’re criticizing Trump, but they also have the outstretched hand. They want Trump to intervene. The same guy that they’ve been calling a racist and a fascist for four years, and now they want the racist and the fascist to step in and help them out. You’d think that if a racist and fascist was the guy they needed, they’d prefer to go it alone.

No, mother fffffcker, the blue states want their damned money back! Since pound for pound, blue states send far more money into the federal government than the welfare red states. And no mother fff … they don’t want the fascist Trump to step in, they want the equipment released without Trump stepping in, or on, anything.

Oh, and – because you aren’t the brightest type, I’ll help you out – blue states tend to be those with the most highly concentrated people, people like those cities (where are you broadcasting from?). Red states, by definition almost, practice social distancing as a way of life. Additionally, there are fewer direct flights into Little Rock International airport from Milan, dickhead. Of course, it is going to hit “blue states” first.

And let me remind you giggling folks. Everything always happens last in the deep red states: from electricity, to civil rights, and adult literacy, it’s always last. But things do get here eventually. The same people giggling it up right now aren’t going to be having such a fun time when conservative voters recall the Easter resurrection date, when all those MAGA heads look at the calendar and see that Alabama-Georgia game isn’t being played that week in October because – by then – everyone has heard the story about how Trump blew it from the beginning.

Y’all were laughing, too – just six weeks ago, about this being a Democratic hoax, and only five people had the virus. You’d think you’d have learned your lesson by now.

Oh, and before I forget,

Fck you.

One thing that I guarantee is different between red and blue, Rachel Maddow wouldn’t be laughing her ass off if a disease was wiping out Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia, kind of like how she’s not laughing her ass off that it’s wiping out Louisiana right now – you know, those cruise ships, always letting folks off in New Orleans.



Peace, y’all


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