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Don Jr. Gets Humiliated After Revealing His Thoughts On Hunter Biden’s Nepotism

Don Jr. Trump circulated an article by The Daily Caller – Tucker Carlson’s joint – that focused on Hunter Biden’s alleged “nepotism” in seeking out a teaching position at UCLA last year. Biden sought a position teaching drug policy courses at the law school, and he pitched his family connections as part of the appeal. Rawstory has the details:

“It’s almost like the whole Biden family is entity dependent on Joe holding public office?” Trump Jr. tweeted.

Except Joe doesn’t hold office. And I take it that you expect Hunter to be the only person in America, who, when looking for a job, noted strong family connections?

Is Hunter supposed to sit around and wait for Joe to actually be president and only then apply for a job? You all complained when he did the capitalist thing and took the Board position at Burisma, and now when he wants to teach a law school course – something for which he has the academic qualifications, along with other colorful experience – you still get after Hunter?

By the way, how did The Daily Caller get the application?

Is your sister dependent upon your Dad holding public office? She is the one actually working out of the White House, and still holds onto her business ties. That is called a “conflict” and that’s actually worse.

He didn’t do well with the net, either:

I like this one. I even wonder if Tucker thought it was a bad move for Don Jr. to use it:

There does seem to be a lot of projection going on:

Of course, someone had to point out the obvious:

It would be something worth getting his thoughts on, whether the same standard should apply for Ivanka.

Anyway, the man who trades on his father’s name more than anyone, is upset with another man who applies for a teaching job. Hard to explain ..


Peace, y’all


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