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Don Jr. Humiliated After Challenging Hunter Biden to a Debate: ‘You’re a National Embarrassment!’

Oh boy.

To say that Don Jr. is a bit full of himself or is a bit of a drama queen is like saying the market is a bit jittery about this entire Coronavirus thing. He proposes to “debate” Hunter Biden. I am not exactly sure what they are debating, given that neither one of them – yet – is running for anything. But apparently Jr. cannot not make an ass out of himself with faux testosterone-fueled idiocy.

No, the media is not making a false equivalency out of you (nice job taking dad’s tired talking points, dumbass). The media has made quite clear – and we agree – that you are far more of a spoiled, groveling and nepotistic jackass making far more money off your dad. Moreover, it is not your taxes we want to see. It is the Trump Organization taxes that we want to see. Yours are probably not much more than a weekly paycheck with taxes deducted.

Exactly, that’s the issue. Not “personal” returns, but the entire despicable family, the ones that Donnie Sr. is taking to the SCOTUS to keep out of the light of day.

I can not verify any of the above, but if its true, Jr. is off to a bad start. I also think we should look at who recently dumped the mother of his children for a botox’d Fox babe who batted her gold-digging eyelashes at him.

Evidently not.

Ah, yes, perhaps we might look at who is still allowed to set up and run a charity in New York, for godsake, because none in the Trump family are allowed to do so:

He might be trying to please daddy:


I didn’t know, but Hunter does have some real life experience well beyond what Jr. has. I would bet that Jr. is making good money now and wants the world to know … just not about the Trump organization money.

Well, we have had our fun with Jr. and given him more column space then he deserves. We really never got an answer as to what they were going to debate.

Oh well, bring the Trump Organization tax returns.


Peace, y’all


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