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Even After All the Briefings, Trump STILL Has NO IDEA How Vaccines Work


I can forgive an older guy stuck in the business world so long that he loses track of the rest of the world and doesn’t get how things work, but at this point – indeed a month ago – the president of the United States should have at least had a … what? 30 minute briefing? At the most, that goes over the response to an epidemic, including what vaccines do and do not do?

This doesn’t instill confidence. Video is from a meeting from last week:

Yes!! Yes, it WILL make you better quicker, by not having the damned disease!! Vaccines don’t “cure” anything, they build-up antibodies which help with the response. With the flu virus, it has been shown that flu vaccines can make the flu you have less severe, but we’re talking about a novel virus more akin to the “cold” that Trump told us about (only more severe)  – and you haven’t been reading about getting your “cold vaccines” lately to make them less severe.

We wish that was the only bad statement coming out of the meeting yesterday:

If I must be honest, I like the sound of you stepping down tomorrow. But we have to live in the real world, and you cannot order the vaccine ready in two months. You should be talking about ways to remove any overly burdensome regulations on rushing the vaccine, get it out in 10 months or whenever they can, not telling people something totally unrealistic for the cameras.

Last one, and now I feel almost needlessly cruel here, it is so evident that Trump is way out of his league discussing much of anything in the public heath world, or real world, take your pick:

It is not a medicine, it is a vaccine. Ask one of your top science aids to explain it to you, or a high school honors student. And they will get that vaccine to you just as soon as they’re sure that it won’t kill more people than the actual virus, they will test it likely first on animals, then select at risk patients, and move on from there.

Again, if this was his first briefing, we might be able to write it off as some business guy who has been singularly focused on … himself for years (but wouldn’t that also include a friendly chat about why one needs a flu shot? Quick explanation as to vaccines?). But this meeting was just last week.

I recall a quote from the famed Vanity Fair photographer Fran Lebowitz who said: “You do not know anyone who is as stupid as Donald Trump.” It sounds bitter and one doesn’t want to believe it, but that video …



Peace, y’all


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