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Evil-Personified: Mitch McConnell Whines Like a Baby, Suddenly Wants His Opponent to Be Nice to Him

Rawstory brings us the uncooked sorry tale of Mitch McConnell, whiniest, most spoiled rich kid aged 94 (or whatever) to ever live. Mitch McConnell is quite upset that his opponent, Amy McGrath, is actually – you know – campaigning against him during this awful period in which Mitch McConnell is being purely … awful!

“Amy McGrath’s decision to blanket the airwaves with deceitful ads during the coronavirus outbreak is tasteless and shameful,” said Kevin Golden, the manager of McConnell’s re-election campaign. “As Kentuckians adjust their daily lives and schedules to help stem the outbreak, the last thing they need to see on TV is negative political advertising. The McGrath campaign must stop airing all of their advertisements.”

The man who practically invented “winner-take-only” gangsta-style Republicanism, the man who couldn’t care less how “unfair” his actions have been over the years (thinking back to a stolen SCOTUS seat, and the first impeachment without evidence in history), now is crying in his benjamins that meanie Amy McGrath – who is, to be sure, one bad bad girl, in the bestest way – is just beating him up!

Never mind that McGrath’s “negative campaigning” is nothing more than what Mitch has done throughout his life, never mind that Mitch McConnell will protect Donald Trump, the most negative person in the history of crime and government. never mind that Mitch McConnell’s act in protecting Trump throughout impeachment might well be one of the reasons we’re here in the first place, and never mind that there has never been a politician more deserving of a negative campaign, Mitch wants unity, now!

Thankfully, Amy is quite capable of taking care of herself and didn’t need us to have her back – though we’re happy to do so:

“Amy is well aware of the stress the coronavirus pandemic is causing Kentuckians and our nation,” said McGrath campaign spokesman Terry Sebastian. “The only person who doesn’t seem to understand that is Sen. McConnell. He has a 35-year failed track record on issues like health care and jobs in Kentucky, and now — during a public health crisis — he took a long weekend instead of doing his job and working to pass a relief package immediately.”

As I said, she does quite well on her own.

Here is one of her ads – highly recommended.


Peace, y’all


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