Former Apprentice Staffer Makes Ominous Warning: ‘World Will Soon Find Out Who Trump Really Is’

Normally I would shy away from a story like this since there’s not a ton new to it and nothing concrete. But there was something that stood out to me. We have all heard about the drugs, the evilness in the business world, the cons, and the Russians (definitely the Russians), and I have spent Trump’s presidency waiting for the public to learn that the American president was absolutely conflicted with Russia, and either controlled directly or indirectly through his conflict.

That is how I had thought of “wait until we find out who Trump really is.”

But Noel has another aspect to focus upon:

“What he has done to women …” as I look at my isolating 12-year-old girl, we know some of these “women” that we’ve heard about were not women, he brought adolescent “models” over from Eastern Europe. They might have been a bit older than my daughter.

I think that is what he’s getting at because we know about the lawsuits and the stories. But I get the sense that there is another level going on here. I get the sense – and this is nothing more than a guess, that’s all – that Noel is referring to a systematic conveyer belt of very young girls brought over as “models,” and needs to be called what it is, “child sex trafficking.” Think about Trump’s friends, including one good one, Jeff Epstein who died in jail, conveniently enough (I am not saying it was a conspiracy). Yes,  Jeff trafficked in young girls, too. Trump: “He likes them young…”

It is just a hunch. I have them, Trump has them. Noel Casler has them. But for some reason, while Trump has sued or threatened to sue and silence everyone else, he hasn’t silenced Noel – an employee (and a comedian, too) with The Apprentice. Noel continues to be a thorn in Trump’s side, including the one who has told the world about Trump Adderall snorting habit.

I also wonder whether Noel has some evidence, but doesn’t believe it is strong enough to come forward. Or whether none of the major news media will run it, too salacious, or inflammatory.

I don’t know. I know when Noel says this:

I think he isn’t talking Russia, everyone knows that the kids were involved with Russia, and I am not sure what his children could be involved with concerning business crimes that we don’t already know.

Curious. It would take it to another level.

Nothing solid, and I’m not going to pretend it is. It is just curious, and terrifying because I do think we’ll know eventually. And on that, I certainly think that Noel is right – it’ll be a shame that washes over the nation. The moment that Trump is no longer president, whenever that might be, many people will be far less afraid to come forward.


Peace, y’all


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