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Here’s the Stupidest, Most Offensive and Over the Top Trump-Worship Tweet You’ll Ever See

Oh, my.

Okay folks, as a service to y’all, I want to be fair here. This is nauseating beyond what you could imagine. It will require superhuman patience, and it will also test your faith in your fellow men, and women – the people we liberals want to help

Having said all that, herewith:

I have never once hoped that someone was a bot, or a Russian, more than now. If it is my money on whether it is a bot or a Russian, my money on “Michael” being Mikail, in the Russian military.

I would dearly love to know which part made the food crawl up your esophagus. I thought it was all just plain awful, right up to the point about “raising five close-knit kids” and at that point I’d had it. He doesn’t even know the name of his youngest son. We’ve never seen him take Barron to a game, walking around the White House grounds, never. Not one ounce of love or empathy for the kids. He also has a daughter with whom we have heard that he doesn’t like to be pictured because he thinks she’s “fat.” (I think she’s brilliant. She loves her mom and is loyal – to her mother, which is more than the rest of these conniving shits are – she got the hell out). And then there’s the other daughter, and I am not sure whether to even get into that. The other daughter is the one that might be close kn …


He admitted he “didn’t like changing diapers.”

Raise your hand if you “like” changing diapers. Now raise your hand if you cannot tolerate the thought of your child not having a clean bottom, or making your spouse do all the work? (I’m raising my hand with all of you.)

Philanthropist: No – not anymore. He isn’t allowed to run a charity in New York for the next five years, and was fined two million because he wasn’t a philanthropist, he was a con-artist who specialized in cheating people out of money and kept it.

Oh, no, it’s much worse than that.

“Wrote an NYT bestseller.” We have heard from the actual author, the man who wrote the book, who has told us how awful a human being Trump truly is.

And he beat the other 16 Republicans off that stage by a willingness to be more racist, by having the Russians manipulating social media and …

WTF am I doing writing about this?

I am sorry, no – seriously, this was my mistake. I just could not believe the utter bullshit in this tweet, that someone in the Russian army put actual time into, thinking it will fool Americans, which just went beyond that which I could conceive.

It hurts to see fellow human beings that bad off.


Peace, y’all


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