It’s Becoming Clear: Millions in GOP Willingly Joining Trump’s Death Cult to Support the Economy — Grab the Kool-Aid

How is this for an introduction:

 “In the last 24 hours, it has become clear that, despite warnings from experts like Dr. Fauci, Donald Trump is willing to sacrifice lives to try and save the economy and his chances for re-election,”

That is The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis, taking note that the cult is now going Jonestown. Trump needs the economy strong to win the election. The cult is willing to drink Kool-Aide to keep the party going. Actually, if any of these cowards actually thought it would hit them – badly – they’d never support this. But just like science-deniers everywhere, it’s going to happen to someone else, right?

Amazingly, they are willing to say it – and I mean “say it” – out loud. Telling us exactly how they see their duty, to drink that Kool-Aide, amd belly up to the bar, to at least talk a big game.

The amazing thing is that some of his prominent supporters are starting to say the silent part out loud. Consider the comments of Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who, a few days ago, said “We don’t shut down our economy because tens of thousands of people die on the highways. It’s a risk we accept so we can move about. We don’t shut down our economies because tens of thousands of people die from the common flu.”

Yeah. We take risks all the time! What’s different with a pandemic, right?  What’s different? YOUR dumbassery could kill my daughter through some roundabout way.

This is not funny, but it damned ironic coming from the party that brought you the cries about Obama’s “Death Panels.” I don’t ever want to hear another argument that the Republican Party doesn’t rely upon the stupidity of their voters ever again. Because not only is this crazy-ass stupid, it is working for Trump. He’s now getting a 60% approval rating for how he’s handled this epidemic.

That makes me sick.

“Ultimately, we have a political party that has shown its true colors. Look no further than its standard-bearer. Consider his selfish motivations and petty behavior. Consider his long-held worldview that sees some people as genetic winners and some people as losers,” he explained. ” This is a man who responded to a pandemic by thinking, ‘How can I be on TV more?’ It’s truly depraved.”

Now depraved is a word that I associate with both Trump and the Republican party. And Trump didn’t “just” respond with “how can I be on TV more.” He responded by denying tests, to keep the numbers suppressed. Today he bragged that we’ve done more tests now than South Korea has since they began testing.

Yeah, that’s the standard – South Korea. Trump also didn’t note that it is because a) South Korea has 1/7 the number of people as the United States and b) is done, or at least mostly done, not needing to test that many more, whereas we’re just rolling up.

I have already written tonight, no one disputes that if Trump’s choices come down to making decisions “grounded in evidence and science” or decisions based upon how beautiful it would be to resurrect the country on Easter Sunday, we all know which side he’s going to come down on.

Sure sounds like his followers don’t blame him and are “all in” on keeping the money flowing, and churches full.

That’s a lot easier to hear when you don’t have a family member who is an MD caring for those “I don’t care people” in the ICU, when they very much do start caring.


Peace, y’all


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