Jealous Trump Seethes Over Cuomo’s High Approval Ratings, ‘I’ve Gotten Great Marks Too!’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has gotten wide praise for his handling of the coronavirus crisis in New York, and that obviously irks Donald Trump to no end. Trump, on Monday, sought to take credit for Cuomo’s poll bump, while finding a way to tout his own numbers in the process.

“He’s gotten good marks,” Trump said. “I’ve gotten great marks. I’ve gotten great marks also.”

Trump proceeded to argue that the Federal government response is a main reason why the public is happy with Cuomo’s handling of the crisis.

“One of the reasons his numbers are high on handling it is because of the Federal government,” Trump said. “Because we give him ships, and we give him ventilators, and we give him all of the things that we’re giving him … We’re giving him four hospitals and four medical centers and all of the things that we’ve done. So, I mean, one of the things, and I think he’d admit this, one of the reasons he’s been successful, if I said, ‘No, we’re not giving you four hospitals, and we’re not giving you four medical centers, and we’re not sending you a ship,’ and we didn’t give them thousands of ventilators, by the way, and millions of masks, because we’ve sent them a lot of stuff, well one of the reasons he’s successful is because we’ve helped make him successful.”

Overall, 87% of New Yorkers approved of Cuomo’s response to COVID-19, according to a poll from Siena College that was released Monday, while 11% disapproved.

By comparison, 41% of New Yorkers approved of Trump’s handling of the crisis and 56% disapproved. But Trump’s job approval has jumped in most national polls since the outbreak began, hitting its highest level in the RealClearPoltics polling average since he took office.


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