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NBA, NHL, NCAA, Broadway, Schools, Smithsonian… All Shut Down, But Not Mar-a-Lago!

The key to slowing down coronavirus, as we’ve been told and now see playing out before our eyes, is to avoid large gatherings of people, particularly in closed spaces. But the Washington Post reports that one of the few entities in which “life will go in,” parties, dinners, campaign events, it’ll all be happening at Mar-a-Lago. Of course it will. Money over health, always – we could’ve guessed ahead of time.

“As of Thursday evening, the Trump Organization had not changed its public posture — or outlined what measures it is taking to protect club members and guests — as the virus has spread more widely across the country, including to all nine states and the District of Columbia where the company operates in the United States,”

To be sure, it could be that Mar-a-Lago is a little like the White House and is a bit slower on the uptake than the rest of the nation, maybe 48 hours behind in their thinking and appreciation of the changing world – that would be typical White House/Mar-a-Lago competence.

On the other hand, cancellations have a direct correlation with money lost, and if we know anyone who is willing to trade some lives if it means a few extra bucks might be made, well, it’s the guy who owns Mar-a-Lago. We are talking about the man who worried about the beautiful marble floor with blood on it and not the fate of the person from whose head the blood flowed, so it would be quite fitting that the ballroom and pool would remain open for rental – cash only, please, at the risk of some little virus that “no one can even see! it could still be a hoax!” And besides, “it’s foreign! And we have walls at Mar-a-Lago!” so all is well.

“At Mar-a-Lago, one person familiar with the club’s operations said that a multiday, lavish wedding had been postponed because of coronavirus fears, and a brunch had been called off,”


I bet they don’t get their deposit returned, at least on the brunch. Hey, the place was available! Not Trump’s fault that a virus washed over the nation at the time that … wait, it might be part his fault. Never mind. Caveat emptor! The wedding party was the one who broke the deal … I am not sure why I am playing lawyer for Trump here. Maybe Trump will sue, he needed the money, and I’d become a defense attorney real quick on that one.


Peace, y’all


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