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NYT: ‘Mar-a-Lago Was a Petri Dish’ Last Saturday Night As Trump and Friends Partied Late Into the Night

It may go down as one of the last big “hurrahs” of 2020, at least for some time. The New York Times has an article out today describing the Mar-a-Lago party which occurred last Saturday night, and out from which has come many a positive test for Coronavirus:

It was a lavish, festive, carefree Saturday evening at Mar-a-Lago a week ago in what in hindsight now seems like a last hurrah for the end of one era and the beginning of another. In the days since then, the presidential estate in Florida has become something of a coronavirus hot zone. At least four Mar-a-Lago guests from last weekend have said they are infected and others have put themselves into quarantine.

The Times notes that “so far,” none of the Trumps have tested positive for the virus, but of course, it is just as fair to note that “so far” Trump’s own test – that he just had done last night, hasn’t even been reported, at least not to us.

If it was the “last” party at Mar-a-Lago, it sounds like they got their money’s worth, but there is no denying that there is a large number of cases associated with the presidential resort – either that or the nation is simply inundated with the virus and no one knows it yet:

But either way, the Mar-a-Lago petri dish has become a kind of metaphor for the perils of group gatherings in the age of coronavirus, demonstrating how quickly and silently the virus can spread. No one is necessarily safe from encountering it, not senators or diplomats or even the most powerful person on the planet seemingly secure in a veritable fortress surrounded by Secret Service agents.

“Group gatherings” is a thing of the past, at least for the near future, as the most boring Spring Break in the history of modern spring breaks awaits both the nation’s students and its principal. The man is grumpy enough on an average day. Imagine if he cannot get out and fly around the nation, hold his rallies, and bask in adoration.

Despite the coronavirus, the president has not changed his practice of greeting guests, according to a member. Mr. Trump believes his willingness to shake hands and connect with supporters helped propel him into office and the club’s unwritten rule is that those who love him or trade on connections with him can come into contact with him. This rule was on display last weekend in the club’s ballroom, when the president hosted both Mr. Bolsonaro for dinner and the extended Trump family for Ms. Guilfoyle’s birthday, the two events overlapping to some extent.

If it was the last hurrah, it does look like the patrons had a good time. The end of the republic never looked better.

Quite the petri dish.


Peace, y’all


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