People Sense It: The Stock Market Matters More to Trump than Lives, Citizens at Risk Are Furious and Letting Him Have It

We have all sensed it, the signs have been there; with Dr. Fauci getting pushed out of press conferences, with the Sunday midnight tweet, with last night’s tweetstorm, and today just now in Trump’s Fox interview, the tide is turning in Trump’s mind but not the nation’s safety, the economy is more valuable than seniors’ lives (and some younger). Trump is sending people back to work, not for the country so much as him.

Have no doubt, Trump is recklessly shoving aside the original protections as a campaign matter, along with pleasing American big business, which is somewhat redundant.

People are noticing and upset – very upset:

I think we’re well beyond trial balloons. Trump doesn’t do trial balloons. They take too long and he is going with his gut, his “hunch,” without evidence. Perhaps other Republicans are floating balloons, but Trump is going to do it, book it.

NOBODY is talking about this. In the last two days, I have read stories about a 61-year-old MSNBC audio technician passing away, I have read the story about a 34-year-old going to Disneyworld and dying, and then yesterday I read about the 53-year-old that was an hour from death. These are small anecdotal reports, but they are real.

This is perfect:

This is called stategery, no – it’s not, except in sports. But it’s a great idea, and perhaps one of the few strategies that could possibly work. Except, these fetuses would be outside the womb, have been a long time, and we know that Republicans don’t care about anyone outside the womb, at least anyone without a trust fund.

This is also very thoughtful:

Let’s decide that – yes – we will have everyone go back to work, but the executives have to be on the production line, working cash registers, eating in the coffee break room, and let’s see what happens with it.

Wait, what? We’re going to wait another 30 days if those are the conditions? What if we sent Trump to work in the White House cafeteria, the germaphobe? Another 60 days now? …


Peace, y’all


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