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Mike Pompeo Facing Backlash After Gross Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren and the Young Girls Who Look Up to Her

Someone had better keep me tied down, or take the car keys, because this man wants to take a 20 hour drive and deliver Mike Pompeo the kind of lecture he deserves. This man has made many a pinky-promise with his little girl, and encouraged her to look up to women like Elizabeth Warren, told her stories about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sandra Day O’Connor, and how hard it was, and still is, for girls to make it fairly in the world.

Yes, we have had many pinky-promises to read, to go to bed on time, to not be a bully and not be bullied …

You phat phuuuu….

Pompeo, the man who has managed to bring shame upon even mighty West Point, the man who has his nose so far up Donald Trump’s ass that he can’t see that he’s destroying that country he once swore to protect, is trampling all over much more hallowed ground now. He is trampling on the relationship many real men are trying to build with very real and good daughters.

Some conservative women are noticing, too:

Thanks, Jen, but I do think it is going to have to be much more than that, and so I need to send this out to a broader audience. I want 25,000 women – and their dads, sons, whatever – to abandon the GOP.

I invite the women here to join me in sending “Maximum Mike” a few well-wishes. It cannot be that hard.

Anything. will do, even the gross, and there is nothing grosser than the thought of Maxi-Mike doing anything with his … part that makes him believe he’s better than anyone else.

Hallowed ground, you piece of …

He isn’t worth my time or ire. Time to play Roblox with a real near-adult, and let this child go.


Peace, y’all


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