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Press Conference Concern: Nation Wants to Know, ‘Where Is Fauci?’

This is the third time today that I have written about the apparent clash between Trump and Fauci. We referenced a Vanity Fair article that used sources from inside the White House who said that Trump is furious with Fauci. As per always, Trump’s fury with staff in the White House or the executive branch is when an employee puts facts ahead of loyalty. Heads get put on chopping blocks in the purge.

Fauci was not at this press conference again today and people want to know why … because they have a pretty good idea as to why. Trump is rotating to economic issues and possibly lifting restrictions in 8 days

It would be uncomfortable to have a man standing there saying that might be a poor idea. So he’s not there.

The best one, from Mika:

Yes. As Mike knows, auto accidents don’t cause possible hundreds of thousands of deaths all within the same month or two – or they’d break the healthcare system. The part that goes so unreported, the number of people that don’t die, but spend significant time in the ICU, a long recovery. Thankfully, there are far more many of them, and yet they’re not talked about. The numbers render them unable to assist the economy and tax the healthcare systm.

The Fonz know this isn’t cool with this:

Malcolm Nance understands all threats to this country – all of them, and he seems angry:

This next one is critical. Trump straight out said that it may come to a point for him to overrule the medical recommendations in the interests of the economy. I might as well point out that one week ago, I wrote a column stating that the experts expect the wave to crest in 2-3 weeks. Next week will be two weeks, and that opens up the economy just as the wave hits its highest crest.

We have seen this pattern before, and it is godawful. It is slow-walked for a couple of weeks, some assurances were given with cliches, nothing substantive, and then on a huge news day, he’s “reassigned,” which is nothing but a placeholder to be fired two weeks later, when he “decides to retire” because he won’t be allowed to do anything.


Peace, y’all


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