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The Fox Pivot: Fox Realizes It Should Cover Coronavirus As If It Is Real, Perhaps Because Its Audience Is Older …

We all saw the clips, the way Fox treated the Coronavirus as if it were just a little bit “different” type of flu, and it was all the Democrats attempting to get back at Trump for failed impeachment:

You know:

But as you likely know, Fox – and Donald Trump – changed their tune awfully fast this week. Even Fox is now wholly on board with treating this matter as the national disaster that it has always been.

MSNBC this morning had a discussion as to why Fox changed its tune so quickly, and according to former RNC chief Michael Steele the answer had to do with audience demographics: From Rawstory:

‘Institutions like Fox and other organs out there that have, as you showed an earlier clip, were like, ‘Oh, this is just Democrats being crazy Democrats,’ now realize that they are looking at their numbers and seeing that, ‘Oh, wait a minute, our audience is being impacted. The people that we’re speaking to are actually being him impacted.,’” he continued. “And it may be touching closer to home for their own families and relationships. So I think that you will see that pivot but it won’t be as abrupt a pivot.”

Yes, if the mortality rate is 2%, and if the mortality rate for people over 70 is 10%, and the audience watching Fox News trends older … it’s not good having your viewers perish in the hoax.

Okay, that’s not funny, it’s not. We don’t want anyone perishing in this disease.

However, that doesn’t mean that Fox News didn’t suddenly realize that their own audience would be some of the people most impacted, and they would lose what credibility they might have once had if they continued to call it a Democratic Hoax while the viewers’ entire bridge group was sick.



Peace, y’all


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