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Trump Just Sent Bizarre Tweet Screaming at Mike Bloomberg for ‘Licking His Dirty Fingers’

As we have already noted tonight, Donald Trump says he doesn’t have enough time to have his annual physical, and he’ll get around to it in the next 90 days, or after he finishes tweeting, which won’t be ever, which is exactly when he has his next physical. Follow that?

Tonight, the very busy president (self-titled “your president”), has found time to offer Mike Bloomberg some advice.

This is what the president of the United States has time to do:


So let me just try putting it this way. Anyone who is too big a germaphobe to lick their own fingers while eating a pizza, even in an epidemic, is too batshit crazy to be on my list as eligible for the presidency. Anyone who tweets about someone doing it, good or bad, is too big a dick to be eligible for much of anything at any point. Even in an epidemic, I suspect it is … not necessarily okay to simply … while eating a pizza, but tweeting about it? Come on. The men who held this office used to be called the leaders of the free world, and will never be again.

And we have a bonus for you! Before we go to the many many people taunting Trump on Twitter, we should get to one of Trump’s biggest bot-supporters, who says this is when Trump shows his wide range:

Oh let me count the ways.

This is one:

Another way I simply “can’t” love his sense of humor is that Trump – and his cult – seem to think it is only funny when he makes fun of someone else, or is just “mean.” He has still not figured out that a person in a position of power should mock himself or herself to prove he or she has a sense of humor.

This is … kind of funny.

No. But it brings up another point. I don’t want to hear Trump talk about being a germaphobe again – and I am not dissing on Stormy who at least does honest work – but Trump would’ve done that with anyone that night, and done it the way he did.

Better not let Trump see this one, he’s already setting Pence up to take the fall for the Coronavirus.


Pence, I mean. Long before anything about that.

Let’s end on this one because a real message by an adult must come out of this:



Peace, y’all


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