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FINALLY: The Democrats Are Coming For Ivanka, Kushner and Trump Boys — Biden’s Ultimate Defense

Well, now this could be interesting, and now sitting at year three and a half, it is way past time.

For everyone that dropped their pizza upon hearing Trump’s utter gutteral noises about the tremendous corruption involved in Hunter Biden getting a position on the board with Burisma, and wondered how the ffff … how this happens when reality is just so obvious for all to see, we have good news.

The Democrats actually noticed the hypocrisy, too! They seem to know that Princess Ivanka – who works in the damned White House for god’s sake – is being awarded Chinese patents. She happens to be the president’s daughter – she just “looks” like his escort. The Democrats know that she’s married to Duke Kushner, who got out from his suicidal mortgage on 666th 5th Avenue when “investors” from Saudi and the UAE refinanced for him. The Democratic caucus even seems to have intelligence on the boys profiting from Air Force refueling in Scotland and Secret Service billing at the clubs.

They are coming.

The Democrats know that hypocrisy is the jet fuel running the suction of money into the Trump family’s pockets. The Democrats know, right – Politico?:

For some Democrats, the key to neutralizing the impending attacks is for Biden to turn them right back around on the president, questioning the Trump children’s many financial and business entanglements as they continue to advise their father — both formally and informally — while he’s in the White House.

Yes, keep talking:

“If Donald Trump wants to talk about children, let’s talk about the president’s children and the immense amount of money they’re making off of their father’s name,” said Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), who hasn’t endorsed in the Democratic primary. “I’m Irish too, so you fight back hard. When somebody throws this kind of sleaze at you, you respond.

So what Himes seems to be saying is that if Trump shot his puppy on 5th Avenue, Himes is going to fight back.

Like a breath of fresh air stepping outside an emergency room in Seattle.

We have written so much today about the post-truth manipulation going on from the White House today, and that includes a shit-load of some of the purest hypocrisy to ever hit a blender. The word “gas-lighted” is used far too often nowadays, but in this sense it is true. We have become conditioned to think that, because it is Trump, he’s just going to lie, deny and walk away, no shame at all and nothing we can do.

The Democrats are now promising to fight back. You know that Trump will go after Hunter and Joe – he doesn’t know any other way. Trump’s only tool is his trusty hammer, and he’ll just hammer away. Given that reality, it is good to know, the Democrats are coming for the Trump kids.

So, Princess? You might want to lawyer-up now.

“The president will pound on whatever the president can pound on,” said Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.). “This isn’t pattycake. It’s going to be a tough, bloody fight.”



Peace, y’all


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