Trump Campaign Is Getting Pounded and They are Furious With Its Super PACs for Not Punching Back

File this under simply not getting it at all.

Politico is reporting that the Trump campaign is feeling abandoned (poor kids) by “their” Super PACs because Trump is taking body blow after body blow by Biden Super PACs, and there has been little response from the right. Just FYI, for those that don’t know (I didn’t, till a bit ago), Super PACs are set-up to help candidates but are not legally allowed to coordinate with the campaign. A lot of people push the edge in what constitutes “coordination” but the point remains, the campaign can’t order the Super PACs to “hit them back!”

It would seem that the Trump campaign is close to ordering their Supre PACs to “hit Biden back!”

In interviews, more than a half-dozen White House aides, campaign officials and other Trump allies said they felt deserted by the group, America First Action, openly questioning why it’s leaving Trump exposed on the airwaves at the most vulnerable moment of his presidency.

There is a major vacuum on the political front right now, with the White House focused on coronavirus response and the campaign, rightly so, echoing the White House,” said Chris LaCivita, who as chief strategist of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth orchestrated the 2004 John Kerry takedown.

I have several observations, as you might guess. The Trump campaign feels exposed on-air during the most vulnerable moment of his presidency? Well perhaps that’s because there’s not one hell of a lot of material to work with, seeing as how someone has left the nation quite vulnerable? So maybe the Super PAC believes it’s just best to keep its powder dry and hope to ever-living hell (literally, they hope to live, and not go to hell) that things get a little better in the future, maybe a slightly riper future, for effective messaging.

Second, there is a major vacuum on a lot of fronts right now, and I guaranfrickintee that the White House is spending at least as much time focusing upon its political response as it is to the coronavirus response. One might say they are inseparable. To Trump, I doubt he sees any difference at all. So you cannot blame the fact that “Trump is busy” as a consideration.

“With attacks coming from all over, the simple question is: Where the hell is the president’s air cover?


Marching along a dirt road blindfolded and with their hands up?

Here is your problem, bro:

The fact is, what “the hell” is someone supposed to use as “air cover”? Video of Trump saying “I take no responsibility at all”? That doesn’t work for good news, and it doesn’t work for bad news, either. They are supposed to use video from his press conferences? Where he’s standing there attacking a reporter who can’t talk back? Yeah, that looks effective.

If I were the Trump campaign, rather than getting upset with the folks at the Super PACs, I might be a little madder at the guy who talked about how perfectly he’s handled this, it’s the best, how it would be no big deal, and it’s now the most perfect pandemic anyone has ever seen, all that.

The problem isn’t the air cover or even being abandoned. The problem is the lack of ammunition on the ground, or – to make it a little less warlike, the lack of someone effective in charge. They shouldn’t be caught farming out responsibility for this disaster.

Wait – I think I might’ve found another element of the problem:


Peace, y’all


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