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DECLINING DONALD: Trump ‘Doesn’t Have Time’ to Finish Physical He ‘Rushed’ to Start in November

Trump says that he is “too busy” to finish his annual physical that presidents generally do in the early part of the year – January to February. From The Week

“I’m going probably over the next 90 days,” Trump said. “I’m so busy I can’t do it.” Typically, presidential physicals are conducted in the beginning of the year; Trump’s last planned physical was in February 2019. At the time, Dr. Sean Conley said Trump was in “very good health overall,” but had gained four pounds since February 2018 and was taking a higher dosage of medication used to treat high cholesterol.

He has time to golf, meet with various sports teams, be prayed over, do rallies and tweet from now until kingdom come, but he doesn’t have “time” to continue his physical that would help identify health issues. Maybe they can just bring a doctor on Air Force One while winging to Mar a Lago? They can run the tests while he’s playing.

We all know what this is about.

In November, Trump made an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where the 73-year-old underwent what was later described as an “interim checkup.” Conley called the visit “routine” and said it was only kept highly secretive due to “scheduling uncertainties.” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed Trump had a “free weekend” and decided to “begin portions of his routine annual physical exam.” Presidents do not normally break their physicals up into segments several months apart.

Yes, and on a blessedly “free” weekend, presidents don’t often think to themselves, “Why don’t I busy-up the Secret Service, put everyone at Walter Reed on lockdown, and swing on by the hospital to see my great genes in action!”

This is outrageous. (We have a lot of outrage tonight.)

We cannot trust a thing coming out of the White House. There pronouncements on this are worth less than nothing. Even when the truth helps them, they lie. I suspect we all know that the truth doesn’t help him here. Had the “truth” been “good news” he would’ve put that portion of his physical out already.

This is not just “any” president, either. He is one of the oldest presidents, definitely the heaviest in modern history, slurs speeches, has senior moments, often looks sedated or stimulated, and has serious psychological issues with anger and paranoia. So this is not Barrack Obama or George W. Bush that we’re talking about, both of whom worked out a ton, ate right, and were not batshit insane.

I guarantee – and you know this already – that physical isn’t getting done in daylight. He will put it off as long as he can, (the official one, he is likely being treated daily at the W.H.) 90 days after the fact he will report that it was done “long ago,” and they will say everything is “perfect,” the doctor said he’d “never had a more perfect patient,” he “might live to 300.”


Peace, y’all


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