Trump Just Suggested Hospitals are Lying About the Number of Masks They Need

Donald Trump is holding another coronavirus briefing on Sunday, and this one was moved from the regular briefing room to the Rose Garden. Because for Trump, everything is a reality show.

Over 2000 people in the United States have died from the coronavirus and thousands more have been afflicted all over the country and the world.

States across the nation are ramping up efforts to stop the spread. The CDC issued a travel advisory for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Earlier today Trump — who swiped at some Democratic governors during the last briefing — took to Twitter to attack the “Lamestream Media” and tout the ratings these press briefings are getting.

Trump’s press conference started with some reading errors, where he meant to say “sick patients” and instead said “six patients.”

Trump then wondered why doctors and medical professionals just couldn’t use masks a couple times…because he’s smarter than most doctors, remember?

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Trump is also clearly lying about testing, and was called out immediately by the Washington Post’s video editor:

Trump then made the crazy suggestion that nurses and doctors are maybe stealing or hoarding masks?

Absolutely revolting.

Twitter is disgusted:


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