Trump Just Suggested NY Gov. Cuomo is Lying or Exaggerating About Needing 30,000 Ventilators


Donald Trump is giving an exclusive interview to Fox News’s Sean Hannity tonight, and thus far it is totally off the rail and dangerous.

First. Trump opened the interview by saying he was postponing his call with Chinese President Xi to speak to Hannity. Because getting adulation is more important than dealing wit a pandemic.

So funny, right?? (NOT!)

Then Trump and Hannity took turns bashing former President Obama and VP Biden, because, of course. Truly sickening.

Welcome to North Korea folks, this is true Trump propaganda:

Now Trump is whining that the media isn’t nice to him. (IT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A DANGEROUS ASSHOLE!!!)

Trump then slammed two Democratic governors and suggested he might not declare national emergencies in their states because he’s a monster:

I’m at a loss for words:

Here we have Trump suggesting that blue states are more to blame for having more coronavirus cases:

Listen to how awful this man is:

And the pièce de résistance, Trump seems to suggest New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is lying about needing more ventilators. Yes, the machines that keep people breathing and alive.


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