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Trump Says Schumer Should “Be Arrested or Impeached” For Calling Out Two Trump Justices

The same man who suggested that Justices Sotomayor and Ginsberg should be recused from hearing his cases, that same man is very upset that Chuck Schumer sent notice to the two Trump-appointed supreme court justices that with respect to Row v. Wade“You will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you.”

Now, before I put up Trump’s stupid response, I think we should note that I think that Schumer was stupid to put his criticism in this light. He meant well, but that is a dumb way to say it. It is always dicey to criticize SCOTUS justices about big policy issues, to do so with a mild threat is not the way to effectively get one’s message through.

But that is all it is, a poorly-worded statement. It is not a crime or “impeachable,” I am not even sure one can impeach a sitting senator, I had thought expulsion was the only means. Regardless, this is more stupid than Schumer’s statement:

No it is not a “direct and dangerous threat to the Supreme Court,” a direct and dangerous threat is “If you blow this decision, I will see to it that you are bombed into oblivion that next Monday.” That is a direct and dangerous threat.

One need just look at Trump’s Twitter feed for a month if you want to see direct and dangerous threats. Moreover, I am pretty sure Trump doesn’t want to start impeaching people over stupid statements. Trump set the bar for impeachment so high that he didn’t need to hand over evidence when doing his campaign business through foreign policy.

We don’t “arrest” or “impeach” people for dumb statements. Trump truly doesn’t like the First Amendment, and has said that he wants to broaden the laws regarding slander and defamation. He wants to control what YOU say, but not have any ramifications apply to what he might say.

Anyway, another day in the Trump administration.


Peace, y’all


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