Trump Says States Have to ‘Treat Him Well’ if They Want Crucial Help Dealing with Pandemic

Donald Trump is holding a virtual town hall hosted by Fox News on Tuesday and one of the questions asked was how he’s doing dealing with the country’s governors through this crisis, especially the Democratic governors.

All is well, Trump said, citing California governor Gavin Newsom.

“Governor Newsom and I have been getting along,” Trump said. “We’re speaking to each other, whether it’s conference calls.”

But Trump added that it has to be a mutually friendly relationship.

“It’s a two way street. They have to treat us well also,” Trump said. Trump went on to point, once again, to New York governor Andrew Cuomo saying earlier today that the Trump administration had not provided the necessary amount of ventilators to his state.

Trump seems to have a particular ire for New York’s Andrew Cuomo, and seemed to blame him for New York’s high rate of coronavirus:

Earlier today Cuomo said he was not getting enough ventilators to keep up with the pandemic curve. Trump and Cuomo have built a fairly cordial and friendly relationship as they’ve kept in touch though the pandemic crisis. But just now at this virtual town hall Trump said Cuomo “should’ve ordered the ventilators.”

“He had a chance in 2016 to buy 16,000 at a very low price and he didn’t do that,” Trump said as he looked at one of the papers he brought out to the town hall.


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