Trump’s Worthless Press Conferences Should NOT Be Covered — Nothing We Didn’t Know, Same Lies

Platitude (Noun):

A remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.

Here are Trump press conferences summed up in substance: “We’re witnessing the tremendous power of the American people,” “it’s nothing like what anyone’s ever seen,” “something might never be the same,” “no one could have seen this coming,” and “we’re doing a fantastic job.”

This is what we get for at least 20 minutes a day. To what end? We don’t need to hear “we’re making a lot of progress,” “making record numbers of tests, more than any other country’s done” (He might be talking record numbers of press’s, press conferences, since that is accurate), exactly the same as yesterday. He once again took out his anger on South Korea – not really angry at South Korea, but angry that South Korea got such good press – and now we’re kicking South Korea’s ass with the number of tests. Just like he said yesterday, and it is just as untrue as it was when he said it yesterday.

He has spent more time – maybe ten minutes – saying the same things about having to go back to work, perhaps by sections of the country, and that we have to start the process pretty soon – just like he did yesterday. Only now it appears far more dangerous as NYC – maybe 10 days ahead of the other areas – is getting hit even harder today.

I do not understand why he doesn’t just walk in and ask for questions, he never says anything unusual …

There it is! First question, “the great decision made to keep people out of China” – said it yesterday, “saved so many people,” could be six million people with the disease had he not shut down travel from China.

He just reminded us it is a hidden enemy, just like yesterday, and like yesterday, the disease itself isn’t hidden, only the virus.

Wait – a new question! Why is it necessary to have troops along the border, and he mentioned that it was “equal justice” so to speak. Then he ripped on Canada – saying that Canada is dumping illegal steel. Actually, this is more like yesterday since he’s bagging on our allies again, not the despots around the world – except China.

He is getting good ratings on appearing “in control” during these press conferences, all I see is someone whose idea of control is saying the same thing over and over again, all of it praising himself and how unprecedented all this is – we know.

The lies don’t change, either. And people don’t need to hear the lies. The nation is in far more trouble than he likes to make it sound.


Peace, y’all


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