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Two Attendees at AIPAC Just Tested Positive for Coronavirus — Pence and Pompeo Attended

Perhaps it will hit home this way. Perhaps it will take high-ranking Republican officials getting sick with Coronavirus (they’re not young, you know?). Perhaps the moment it starts hitting the “wrong” people – the rich Republicans that attend fancy meetings like the American-Israeli-Public Affairs Conference (AIPAC), only then will someone note that Trump is not capable of leading us through this crises, and not capable of leading us through any crises, so it is time to move on.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is reporting that two people who attended their conference have tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus.

They are urging any other attendees who may have coronavirus to contact local health authorities.

And you know what? They will contact their doctors and hear that there are no tests available to test them; “maybe next week.”

Mike Pence spoke at AIPAC, so did Mike Pompeo, and a whole host of other GOP officials. THEY will get a test, but not the people in the audience, the wealthier ones. Even the CDC cannot screen for “wealthyness,” to find out if a person is a big GOP donor. So the GOP donor won’t get his test, or her test.

That is how this is going to go.

This is not at all good, but the only way to get Trump’s attention is to have him hurt by this epidemic. The only way to “hurt” him is to make it unlikely that he wins in 2020. The more Republicans that decide they have had enough and cannot support him any longer, the more likely it is that Trump is voted out in November.

We are the richest nation in the history of civilization. We have a waiting list for tests, even a California nurse who had cared for a patient with the virus had to be put on a waiting list. If you have had to CARE FOR a Coronavirus patient, and having symptoms, she should be the first person to get a test! She hasn’t been tested. South Korea has tested 150,000 people and are testing 10,000 people A DAY. We have tested less than 2,000 total and have waiting lists.

Trump didn’t unload a cruise ship because the numbers of people with the virus will go up.

Still wondering why there are no tests?

That is why this is happening. NO ONE knows what is going on, the nation is just figuring out that no one knows what is going on, and it’s causing a panic that we’ve seen rise over two days. Now with two attendees at a major Republican pow-wow, the truth is going to set-in quickly, as it is for all of us.


Peace, y’all


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