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Whiny Eric Trump Complains About Joe Biden’s Gaffes…Then Makes His Own Giant Gaffe on LIVE TV

Eric Trump is very aggrieved on behalf of dear old dad. He believes that the Democrats and media are very unfair, especially with respect to gaffes. Indeed, he believes that the media is allowing Biden to get away with “gaffes” of the type that the media would pound his father, they would be calling for “article 25” against Dad. Of course, while Eric was airing his grievances, he made at least one substantial gaffe and a couple smaller ones that sort of vitiate his entire argument – how Trump-like.

First, we cannot establish if he is counting the “gaffe” that Twitter has removed as manipulated video. It would be quite Trumpian to simply go on to Fox and pretend that the latest video of Joe, put out by the Trump campaign and flagged as manipulated by Twitter – which would be an intentional “gaffe” itself.

Second, people know that Biden has been a walking gaffe his entire life. He has a stutter than he battles. Moreover, he has never been the most disciplined speaker, and does make ridiculous comments at times. That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with him cognitively.

Third, Eric’s father goes beyond gaffes, there is real concern that the man who “never sleeps” is the man who is chemically powering himself to the point that gaffes are more expected than cogent thought.

Fourth – and this is beautiful, Eric cannot get through thirty seconds talking about gaffes without making one of his own, referring to the 25 Amendment (if you’ve been to school) or the “25th Article” if you are picking something meaningless out of the air. The guy is as uneducated as his brother, and at least as embarrassing.

What is it with this family and utter stupidity? Could it be in the genes? Could it be that his father was “the dumbest person you will ever meet,” according to some, including Fran Leibowitz? Could it be that combined with having a mother chosen for being a “ten” in both physical attraction, but also intelligence quotient?

Something has to explain this:


Peace, y’all


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