Instead of Bipartisan Support, Trump Victim Blames Again — Has the Gaul to Accuse Others of Getting a ‘Late Start’

Donald Trump has had quite the morning, one that appears to be going along dual tracks, a transparent attempt to kill two birds with one stone – an unfortunate metaphor, but one that might be to appropriate in these unfortunate circumstances.

First, this, and I nearly exploded at my screen upon seeing this:

I am going to have an extremely difficult time writing this sentence without using one of seven words.

Who the hell is this man to be talking about “late starts?” Who the hell is this guy to victim blame? I am well aware that victim shaming/blaming is in his genes, it’s part of his lifestyle, it’s how he’s managed to shut out others’ feelings so well throughout his life. But I am sorry, I have readers in NYC that have been writing me, two have the virus, both are terrified (both seem okay), and this mother fffff wants to tell me that New York is to blame for getting a late start?

He says New York got off to a late start and didn’t “push hard enough?” Does he not know that he happens to be “president” of New York, too? And therefore, if “New York got off to a late start” then HE got off to a late start? But never mind that, he is the LAST person that should be talking about late starts, and he is the FIRST person who better realize that every state is under his “presidency,” their failures are HIS failures.

Furthermore, he doesn’t have an “Admiral” in charge of the logistics, not in the same way that Bush appointed someone in Katrina. Nope.

Last, yesterday HIS White House “advisor” Kellyanne Conway said that the White House hasn’t played “any politics” in this matter. Yet somehow New York is the “victim” here, whereas even “later-start” Florida has gotten everything it’s asked for, and if Florida had New York “numbers,” Trump would have BOTH hospital ships docked in Miami, two aircraft carrier groups, and airborne paratroopers dropping ventilators on top of hospital roofs.

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Also, is it absolutely necessary to do the “Cryin'” thing when people are dying?

Fck off.

But it didn’t end there, it never does, does it?

What does that even mean? 

The states are not allowed to print money! The federal government can. The federal government runs the banking system. If money has to go to people, do as much of it as you possibly can directly!! Don’t dump even more on the states, because we can already see you working here.

Trump is attempting to set this up as if it was always a “state” deal, and the “states” failed, not him! How many times has this jackass said: “This is a state matter?” We just reviewed that he thinks New York is to blame!

The federal government has a job. The founders envisioned that the states would do most of the work – by far. But in the founders’ days, it took a week by horse to cross a state line. Then came trains, telephones, etc, cars, and now, when someone can wake in one state, drive through another, work at a third, have a teleconference with co-workers in six other states, then drive back, all in one day? That whole “states do almost everything” thinking has fallen by the wayside.

Meanwhile, while Trump is busy bashing one victim, he’s propping up any good news as evidence that he’s not been “partisan.”

Let’s be candid here. Somehow, somewhere, there was more stuff available to California at the right time. Or Gov. Newsom was on it, fast, and early – since they were the ones that had to accept Trump’s virus-ridden plane and had the first case, they moved. The point is that one the one hand, Trump wants to be seen as the bipartisan savior, and on the other hand – he’s going to get his pound of flesh out of New York. He’s never going back to New York – they hate him, he knows it, and he’s not about to live in a place that questions his greatness or doesn’t vote for him.

Oh, last thing, in case no one’s noticed. Trump hasn’t had time to tweet any condolences, or anything heartfelt to the victims, even the unemployed victims – nothing.

He is number one on Facebook, he did point that out.


Peace, y’all


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