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Trump Refuses to Allow Dr. Fauci to Answer Question About Hydroxychloroquine, ‘I Answered That Question 15 Times!’

Beyond continuing to be amazed at the fact that there are 182 countries on Earth – 152 have the virus – (he simply cannot believe there are so many countries, he repeats it every press conference), Trump continues to talk about the fact that we may not be “that far away” from the end when the models show that we are just barely beginning.

Trump was asked about his enthusiasm for the medicines, and Trump says that he wants people to live, and he continues to say “What do we have to lose,” and then says that the medicines do not kill people. Trump then says we do not have time to do real tests. Trump has two doctors on the stage and yet he is standing there talking about having nothing to lose, as though he’s never heard of side effects, then he denies that he’s not a doctor, but there are good signs.

Trump is going to get sued. I swear, if I had a client who died due to an adverse reaction from these medications who took them because Trump kept trumpeting them, I would sue Trump.

Trump is now justifying using the medication in instances when there are no other alternatives, the right to try – which is not what he’s been advocating. He has been advocating taking these medications even before someone tests positive, and then he’s talking about having some “unbelievable results,” – why doesn’t he publish the science.

A reporter confronted him about why he was promoting the drug. Trump says he isn’t promoting the drug, and then says he doesn’t want them studying it over a year (which isn’t happening). I want a reporter to ask straightforwardly, do you own any stock in the companies that make these medications. Trump follows with “Only CNN would ask that question.”

No – only a learned person would ask this question.

It is scary.

Trump doesn’t know how medical trials work. He will not stop talking about the medicines, and I am starting to think it’s representing mental illness, combined with a financial stake, and so does half of Twitter. There are times things look like a miracle drug, and then studies show that while it looked like they save some people, and overall, across hundreds of thousands, the medications made outcomes worse:

I wholeheartedly agree. There is no excuse for broadcasting this bullshit. It is starting to make me angry.

We also finally got Dr. Fauci to the podium, where he tried to do some clean up for Trump:

However, when asked about Trump’s miracle cure of hydroxychloroquine, Trump wouldn’t let Fauci answer the question:


Peace, y’all


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