Trump Will Be Red with Fury: Large Majority Says Obama Would Handle Crisis Better

It is starting to turn on Trump, and damn I hope he is asked about this during the press conference today. Trump will not handle it well, if asked.

People are starting to figure it out, that Trump is not the president one wants when the country faces a crisis. However, being president has some built-in advantages over people running for president.

That same group of respondents said they think that Trump is being a better leader during the outbreak than former Vice President Biden, who is the frontrunner to face the president in November’s general election.

Do you suppose that is because Trump has commandeered the news hour every night for two hours, smothering anything Biden might be able to say about anything?

Back to the good news:

In the new poll, 52 percent of the survey’s 1,990 respondents said they believed that Obama would be a better leader than Trump during the ongoing pandemic, compared to the 38 percent who said they thought Trump is the better leader.

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I don’t like the numbers on Biden, but I think that this is showing us that when presidents are aligned, people are starting to understand that Trump is one terrible president. Biden has barely been heard from.

On a different question, 44 percent said they thought that Trump would be the better leader when compared to Biden, who got 36 percent support from the respondents.

That is an 8 point gap, less than the 14 point gap between Obama and Trump, but still an 8 point gap. Again, I have to believe this largely has to do with the fact that Biden simply can’t get any airtime at all, Trump sucks up all the oxygen. The hope is that as the problems go forward and there is more analysis as to mistakes made and when they were made, even more anger will turn on Trump, putting Biden overtop of Trump even in this poll.

The anger is starting to turn on Trump concerning whether he is doing enough in this crisis:

In the new poll released on Wednesday, when asked about the job the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, a majority of voters, 50 percent, said the his office has not done enough in its handling of the outbreak. Thirty-eight percent, by contrast, said his administration is doing the right amount and 4 percent said they believe the administration is doing too much.

A 12 point break is significant, and we don’t even have the worst news in yet, not from the disease, nor the economy. I am not at all rooting on bad news on either the economy or the disease obviously, I am rooting for people to figure it out, and vote Trump’s ass out of office.


Peace, y’all


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