People are Furious That Trump is Back Golfing as Americans Continue to be Crushed by Pandemic

It seems to fit a pattern. We went into this epidemic with Trump golfing, golfing, golfing, and on the weekend we pass 100,000 dead, and no end in sight, Trump is back golfing – hiding from the media while doing it.

This is a man who cannot figure out why he cannot have rallies.

After all, it is now safe for him to travel, why couldn’t he have rallies? He asked them that exact question and they had to explain it. This is the man we’ve chosen to lead us through this time.

It is not trivial. Even if the loss of life is now set at the point where we will lose 1,000 people a day from now until we have a working vaccine, if we’re lucky, there is still an economy that is not only shattered for now, but perhaps for a generation. There are plenty of economic forecasters predicting a very dire future. Decisions made now impact where we will be in five years. Now would be the time to save some things while hanging on the vine. But it would take one hell of a lot of planning.

It figures.

Even if one didn’t care about the economic pain, the optics of indifference is astounding for a man running for president again. Never mind that we’re supposed to be memorializing the millions of American dead who sacrificed their lives to us, it is just this weekend that the White House lowered the flag to half staff this weekend to honor the 100,000 dead. Trump is back golfing. He is so consumed with filling his personal needs and wants, he doesn’t care about the perception that he doesn’t care.

Americans are rightly furious.

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The church of American privilege, obviously. He’ll golf again tomorrow, after lying about watching services online.

True, and not an irrelevant detail. People have a right to know what happened at Walter Reed in October and why the exam was never finished. He says it’s because he’s too busy. What’s wrong with this morning? Didn’t he just “finish” his course on a deadly medicine?

He doesn’t care. These are his needs now and he needs his golf.

Because wearing a mask is primarily to protect others. He doesn’t care. He’s not trying to set an example.

There it is. It was only a matter of time. This is the man we’re stuck with until at least next January, and this is who he is.


Peace, y’all


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