Kayleigh McEnany Argues with Reporter and Refuses to Answer Question About Trump’s Vile Tweet About Michigan

This site has a very low overdose tolerance for one Kayleigh McEnany, in case you haven’t noticed. We aren’t big fans of people who we can see are plainly big fans of themselves.

Kayleigh has been condescending to reporters from day one, in a wholly unprofessional manner – on Twitter, rather than a private phone call with concerns, she has lied her ass off, and is always the first to praise Trump as if Trump just turned water into bleach.

So it was with much joy that we watched today’s press conference because we finally got to see a reporter nail Kayleigh’s obnoxiousness to the wall for all to see.

Just so that everyone is up to speed, Trump fumbled – twice – in tweets today, describing how Michigan sent out absentee ballots by mail. Even though Trump had two clearly different stories as to what happened (he deleted an earlier tweeet), he couldn’t describe what Michigan did – only that it was illegal.

Please know, Trump has no theory at all as to what it is that makes this illegal, only that he “knows” it is. In reality, Michigan is a critical state to Trump, and Trump would prefer to make it extremely hard for the wrong people to vote, thanks much. And Trump is willing to withhold COVID stimulus funds if they don’t do what he wants.


You would think that Kayleigh might’ve had a real clear answer to a question that we reported this morning that she would get, because that is not normal presidential behavior, indeed it borders upon stuff that could be charged criminally.

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She did not. According to Rawstory:

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany fumbled trying to answer questions about what law states are breaking by sending out ballot applications.

“Again, I’d reference you to the campaign, these are ballot questions and I’d reference you to the campaign on that,” said McEnany.

He’s the president,” the reporter quipped back. “That’s not a campaign question that’s about the president of the United States saying a state broke the law.”

It is “refer” not “reference,” you insufferable twit. And you know damn well – being the Harvard law grad you are, that if Trump is doing this as a “campaign” thing – then he is using the power of his office to influence an election (his own) and should thus be impeached.

The point is that Kayleigh had no answer at all to the statement. She had been defeated and moved on. No snide little remark, no gather her stuff and huff off (as she’s done before), no reaching into her notes to tell the reporters what to do, nothing.



Peace, y’all


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