Kellyanne Conway: If People Can Wait In Line For An Hour To Buy A Cupcake, They Can Wait In Line To Vote

Well, Kellyanne pretty-well admitted that we need the right to vote by mail. Kellyanne cannot figure out how it is that if we have to wait in line to order a cupcake, something I’ve never done, nor ever contemplated, then you can stand in line to vote.

I suppose cupcakes can be ordered and delivered, though they’ll likely be stale, but – yeah, we probably can get them sent. And that might be the damned point! We actually are not standing in line to get cupcakes right now because the social distancing in lines may prohibit such behavior, and even if it was okay, we might analyze just how badly we want a cupcake.

We damned well want to vote, so more people would get in line, and likely more people would/will get sick. So most people, given the delivery option used by many people who vote by mail, should be available to everyone.

Heeeerreee’s Kellyanne, proving the need to vote by mail!

Yes, thank you, Kellyanne. We understand that standing in line is often required to vote. Since we’re in the midst of a pandemic which may well be infinitely worse in fall, and since this vote is the most important in our lifetimes, we would like everyone to vote.

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Obviously, when Republican-Trumpers are protesting a plan that makes voting easier, that goes against their M.O. in making it extremely difficult. We have seen voter-ID become a thing, and we’ve seen those long lines strangely occurring more often in traditionally poor and black areas.

This was predictable and is awful. The Republicans know that voting by mail works and that voting by mail is safe. Thus, of course, they’re against it. (Additionally, poorer people are often not able to get away from work, while the more wealthy can easily excuse themselves … or vote by mail!)


Peace, y’all


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