Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy Over Trump Is Laid Bare In Brilliant New Attack Ad, ‘Lindsey Must Go’

Every two years, we on the left get excited about the possibility of removing some of our least favorite Republican senators, and generally speaking, those Republican senators eke out a victory.

It has become a pattern and we’re not happy about it. So what might be different this year? Trump and COVID, that’s what, and they know they’re vulnerable.

It would seem that Lindsey Graham would be one of the least “vulnerable” senators out there, and yet he is not. He is in the race of his life against a strong Democratic candidate in Jaime Harrison, who may well become the second black senator from South Carolina.

Ads will play all too big a role. One way to get to Republicans down south is play both sides of the Trump coin. Let voters know that the senator both supported Trump and also hated Donald Trump. Lindsey has quite a record on both sides, and “Lindsey Must Go” plays it perfectly. In one scene, calling Trump a jackass that will say anything, and in another, Lindsey saying Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Have you ever seen an ad make a politician look more hypocritical? And then the ending, Trump saying Lindsey Graham has to be one of the “dumbest politicians I have ever seen” is the icing on the cake.

Lindsey Graham is one of a group of perhaps two (him and McConnell) that have kept Trump viable to this point. Either of them could have said at any point, “this is bullshit,” and ripped Trump from office, leaving Pence to do their bidding. Instead, they elevated Trump.

It is only fitting he’s made to lie in that bed he created.

Who do you think is/was a better president?

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Peace, y’all


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