Melania Gets Furious Blowback After Trying to Tell People to ‘Take Care of the Children’ During the Crisis

Full Disclosure: There isn’t a single thing Melania can say right now that I’d find redeeming in any way. I am not the only one.

The woman who infamously brought you the “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket on her way to visit separated children in cages at the border (Owned, Libtards!), and who was mean-tweeting people who didn’t appreciate her charitable work on behalf of the White House Tennis Pavilion, is now wanting to tell you … to not forget the children during this crisis.

Oh. Right. I forgot that this crisis may impact my tween daughter, trying to navigate some of the very toughest years of growing up, separated from friends, teachers, and her school, thanks for reminding me, because I’ve been meaning to get around to it.

As regular readers know, we’ll add the obligatory clause: Melania couldn’t possibly convey how little she cares with more clarity. When doing something, Melania can always be counted upon to do, quite literally, “the least she can do.” She will not – thank you very much – be pictured getting down in the dirt in a garden with anonymous kids from the Washington DC area, like a First Lady we know who did care.

Herewith, Melania, doing the “least” she can do:

“Thrive” requires money, Melania. Where is the GOP on “money” to people with the least of it? Hmmm? NO ONE is worried about Vanky’s kids, Mel, NO ONE. We’re worried about a kid whose “parent” made $12 an hour at 50 hours a week before this crisis and now struggles to work 30 hours a week because he or she must be home to care for that child. That $1200 + $500 onetime check isn’t going to cover it, which is why Canada and other enlightened countries simply paid people who had to stay home, per month, per person, per child – unlike the United States.

The blowback was furious:

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Just to show you that these are worth reading, and there are nuggets on the net, this one below is special:

Never, ever, let them forget this. The Trumps, including Melania, are not allowed to have any interest in any charity in the state of New York because they were too greedy, corrupt, and irresponsible. They stole money donated to kids with cancer. But he can be president, MAGA!

Here we go:

Much more honest work than Donald. At least Melania’s “supporters” wanted to get fu …


And we’ll end here because we could go on forever, but if Melania really wanted to “help the children” she’d have her ass on planes going everywhere, or simulcasting fundraisers for food networks all across the country and demanding that Trump and Congress massively increase every SNAP and TANF resource now. 


Peace, y’all


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